Friday, March 6, 2009

More Old Stuff

I remember being really tired when doing this one ^

The sun was blazing in my eyes and my feet hurt from walking so much... ^

From top to bottom is my parents' kitchen, Alacatraz as viewed from Fisherman's Wharf, and the Dutch Windmill by Ocean Beach.
The Dutch Windmill day was kind of strange. heh, in a good way. I walked there from my house (in my head it seemed a lot closer). I then started to chat with this old man sitting next to me and told me about the newly wed couple taking pictures by the windmill. And not like he was proposing but of out curiosity, asked if I was married... heh well can't say I've ever been asked that before.

Afterwards I was sketching and this woman sat besides me. Again I found myself chatting. She was an artist too and... a tarot card reader too. Naturally I asked, and she said sure (still had to pay though. darn it!) She asked me to think up a question in my head. At first I thought about my future career/ success but ultimately thought something else. Despite that, a lot of the cards ended up being about money. hmm sounds like a good thing. :)

Then Nelson, Chris, and Priscilla showed up to sketch also. How kooky! :P


Amy C said...

these are really lovely sketches

Angela Lo said...

thanks Amy C!

lizybeth said...

Your artwork is amazing! I especially love the image of Alcatraz.