Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hayao Miyazaki

(deep in thought, his signature guttural groan)

On Saturday evening at Berkeley, there was a conversation/ interview with animation legend Hayao Miyazaki in the flesh.
Just being in the same room with Miyazaki-san was inspiring enough. The whole time he maintained a great sense of humor.

I sat six rows down from center section, which given the size of the auditorium was a pretty good seat. The girl who sat next to me had flown all the way from Fullerton for this. We were both joking about how horrible it'd be if some tall person obstructed the view. Of course as it turned out, this GIANT sat right in front of her.
Awww (but fortunately with some awkward angling of the head, she saw the stage just fine)

Ohh... a night to remember

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