Sunday, February 15, 2009


So Valentine's Day was yesterday (i.e. a little more than two hours ago). My dad told me there was a poor selection of cards this year sooooo he asked yours truly to make one for mumsie dearest instead. Being the day of, I didn't have a lot of time (like I ever do) but today especially since I had to submit my paper to my online class at something o'clock. Fortunately the card didn't take as long as usual and I'm relatively satisfied with how it came out. My mom is too =)
(and pardon the poor quality, I don't have my scanner here)

Hm the inside looks like it needs another heart or two... nugh oh well I'll let it go. hah

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Anonymous said...

So wonderful, you dad can come to you and ask for a one off special designed card. Love from both you and you dad on valentines day. What card could do this, other than yours!